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At your request, the training of your dog can be supported, complemented or continued during his stay at CANIS RESORT.
We will create a training schedule tailored to your darling’s individual training level and specific needs which will meet your dog’s proficiency level and whose extent and content you, naturally, co-determine.

Our professionally trained dog trainers will do basic obedience training with your pet, catch up on little obedience glitches if necessary, and/or teach your dog new tricks just for fun. Rest assured that our adept trainers will teach your dog the learning objectives in an individual, sensitive and consistent manner. Fun is a central aspect, as is the motivating, goal-oriented advancement of your pet without asking too much of him.

At the end of the stay, the dog trainer will take time to talk to you about the training progression of your dog and will point out helpful tips and tricks concerning your daily life as a dog owner.