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Built in the plain Bauhaus style, the main building of CANIS RESORT is an architectonic masterpiece! The architect Helgo von Meier who is famous for this style has deliberately chosen the clear pattern for the lodges and the main building.

Glass-paned fronts: Due to the large glass-paned fronts that enable a view onto the garden and the DOG LODGES, the building draws everyone’s attention from afar. The unique façade with its unusual paneling turns every visitor’s attention directly to the colossal jumping dog, the logo of CANIS RESORT.

Reception: The light-flooded reception immediately conveys the feeling of relaxing holidays to dog and dog parents. The spacious foyer exhibits the same minimalistic and clear style. It doesn’t call up images of an old-fashioned hotel reception but immediately conveys a welcoming atmosphere of well-being in which your dog will feel at home at once.

In line with our philosophy, the main building consists exclusively of natural materials. From wood, the basic material, up to the Scandinavian paint consisting of linseed oil, reddish-brown pigments, and flour – CANIS RESORT is always striving for the most natural and organic environment for your dog.