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The DOG LODGES at CANIS RESORTS were designed by the architect Helgo von Meier in collaboration with the garden architect Andreas Kicherer. They paid great attention to every possible aspect concerning adequate animal housing: each of these aspects merges harmoniously with the modern architecture.

Garden: Each lodge has its own separate garden. The dogs can reach the outdoor area anytime through two dog doors.

Steel netting mesh: Each lodge is surrounded by an almost invisible steel netting mesh. The close-meshed fencing starts deep in the ground and ends at a height of three meters in the shape of a nest that is bent slightly inwards. But also the inside of the lodge will provide for your dog’s well-being. This is ensured by our comfortable interior decoration.

Interior: The floor of each DOG LODGE is covered with blankets of the CANIS RESORT COLLECTION. Like all of our textile materials, our blankets are made of natural fiber, as well, which have been certified by OEKOTEX as being antibacterial and hypoallergenic. All used materials were carefully selected and give the interior of the lodges a noble touch. Additionally, they are extremely functional and representative of our especially high standard in hygiene and cleanliness. The non-slip decking of the sitting and lounging areas in the lodges guarantees an optimum grip for your dog’s paws.

Occupancy: One DOG LODGE is suited for a maximum of five dogs. Of course, when assigning the dogs to their lodges, the DOG SITTERS consider factors such as age, size, sex, and temper of the guests.