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Curiosity will be rewarded at the CANIS RESORT:<br/>In order to get to know the CANIS RESORT, we are offering all new customers a 10% discount on the first stay of your dog – regardless of the duration and period of the visit. <br/>*So, do book right away via the toll free number 0800 907 0907 (free from all German networks) or 08161-8846974!<br/>We look forward to welcoming your dog! <br/>* This offer is only valid for the products DAY CARE LIGHT, DAY CARE and OVERNIGHT CARE.

Book 5 hours of training during your dog’s stay at CANIS RESORT and pay only 4!*<br/>At your request, the training of your dog can be supported, complemented or continued during his stay at CANIS RESORT. We will create a training schedule tailored to your darling’s individual training level and specific needs which will meet your dog’s proficiency level and whose extent and content you, naturally, co-determine. You can either book by telephone 0800 907 0 907 (toll-free from Germany) or when checking in. (T +49 (0) 8161 – 884 6 974 from abroad).<br/>Please find more information about our training here<br/>*This offer is only valid for training during your dog’s stay at CANIS RESORT.