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The Concept

With our care concept especially suited for the dog we follow a clear philosophy: We set new luxury standards for the benefit of the dog! This is why we anticipate our four-legged guest’s every wish. At CANIS RESORT you and your dog can count on the high care standards and reliable services anytime. Our promises:

The dogs are taken care of by our DOG SITTERS around the clock. They are specially trained and demonstrate years of experience in the handling of dogs.

Playing, cuddling, special coat treatments: the DOG SITTER represents the immensely important human contact at the resort. He always sees to it that the individual needs of your dog are met.

We also make sure that the dogs get enough rest and privacy at night.

Each dog is accommodated in one of our DOG LODGES. They are specially tailored to the needs of our guests and meet the highest demands a dog can have. Every animal may decide for him or herself whether they want to use the extensive space provided or rather retire to a cozy hidden place.

There is a maximum of five dogs per lodge – depending on age, size, sex, and temper.

When it comes to food, we don’t make compromises! We always pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet and organic, high-quality products. Does your darling have a special wish? Please let us know!

Your animal may check in and out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We always keep in contact with our vets who can make it here immediately if necessary.

You can rely on us: as a matter of course, our dog care prices include all services! This means that there will be no additional charges for feeding your dog at his accustomed times, the dog basket will be provided with fresh blankets on a daily basis, brought-along medication will always be given on time, and of course your darling will be able to roam the grounds at liberty together with other dogs in harmonious groups.

Moreover, personal care and attention from our DOG SITTERS, daily grooming and personal hygiene as well as lots of TLC are all part of our holistic – and therefore free of additional charges – pet care concept.

Do you have questions concerning our wide-ranging dog care offers and our service standards?

Please call our hotline at 0800 – 907 0 907 (toll-free from Germany)