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At the CANIS RESORT ACADEMY, our DOG SITTERS are prepared for their work with our guests by going through a special job training.

The dogs at CANIS RESORT are being taken care of by certified DOG SITTERS around the clock. Next to their special job training at the CANIS RESORT ACADEMY, the DOG SITTERS look back on years of experience in the handling of dogs. The four-legged resort lodgers can play and frolic with them and get the necessary and very important human contact that we specifically emphasize. Thorough TLC is as fixed a staple at our house as the daily coat treatment. The DOG SITTERS thus represent the human contact for the animals during their stay at the resort.

The job training as a DOG SITTER:
After successfully passing a selection procedure, our new employees start the intensive trainings. Thus we ensure that your dogs are being cared for by a highly qualified staff only. The emphases in the job training are put on the following:

* practical skills
* theoretical knowledge (science-based)
* presentation/ customer care
* quality management

The training for our employees is free and is completed by a final exam. It goes without saying that we only employ DOG SITTERS who passed that exam. We currently aspire to a nationwide recognition of the certification for our job training, with which CANIS RESORT already exceeds the current standards by far.